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Aging and Economies

It’s really pretty simple. In order for a society to reproduce itself, each woman must have 2.1 children during her fertile period, which normally lasts from, say 14-42 years of age, more or less. This is called a fertility rate, as opposed to a birthrate. A stable population fertility rate is reached by counting one… Continue reading Aging and Economies

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The Unlucky Inventor

The oils from different coals require different treatment. The oils of Albert coal (ashphaltum) [New Brunswick, Canada], Boghead coal [Scotland] and Breckenridge coal [Kentucky] are easily purified, while the oils from ordinary American, English and Scotch cannels, require more skill….The author has made more than 2000 experiments in reference to the manufacture and purification of… Continue reading The Unlucky Inventor

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The Day I Brought Down the Canadian Government

In the late 1970s I had been two years active as the head of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, ( APEC) an independent think-tank focused on the economic development of the four easternmost Provinces in the country, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.  We had published a guidebook to the… Continue reading The Day I Brought Down the Canadian Government