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Interchangeable Parts and The American Precision Museum

A while back, my wife Jane and I took a 5-day trip into New England for a short break. From our home in Nova Scotia, Canada, the drive is a long one - some 500 miles into central Maine. Some Americans don’t realize that North America extends some 900-1000 miles east and north of the… Continue reading Interchangeable Parts and The American Precision Museum

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John Deere’s Steel-Tipped Plow

The Rock River issues from a swamp in central Wisconsin and its waters flow south, crossing under US 20 in northern Illinois near the John Huy Addams (Jane Addams’ father) homestead. It then begins to flow southwesterly, passing Grand Detour and Dixon before joining the Mississippi at a rocky rapids/falls in what is informally called,… Continue reading John Deere’s Steel-Tipped Plow